The main purpose of the present seva is to formalize a meeting process for Gursikh individuals.

Embracing modern concepts and utilizing technology, the concept of GurSikh Speed Meeting involves:

  1. An equal number of Singhs and Kaurs to register
  2. Each Kaur will spend a number of minutes chatting to a Singh
  3. The Singhs will rotate after the specified number of minutes and chat with the next Kaur
  4. All Singhs and Kaurs within their group will have a chance to chat
  5. Each individual will decide if they CLICK with who they chatted with

If there is an agreed CLICK, GurSikhSpeedMeeting will facilitate an exchange of details.

Do not miss this chance! There are a limited number of seats and based on the previous events, they do go quick, first-come-first-serve, so reserve your seat today!

For our upcoming event, we would like to focus on GurSikhs between the ages of 25 and 32 years, and 33 and above making necessary exceptions as requested.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you and Guru Fateh!